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water leak update

nigeltee Nov 27, 2005

  1. nigeltee

    nigeltee Member

    finally got my butt outside and spent this afternoon finding out where the water was coming into the drivers footwell. After removing the back seat (easy) and then the front seat ( also easy except for the carpet being in the way) i was able to lift the whole side of the carpet. Boy is there some water in that foam stuff. Not sure how i am gonna dry it without taking it out though.

    Anyway, opened the sunroof and poured a jug of water down the hole and it flowed nicely out of a pipe in the a pillar behind the door. So then spent time with a hose on all the door seals and nothing. Hmmm getting frustrated. Then with me misses in the car and me spraying water everywhere, she noticed some water up by the pedals where the underside of the dash meets the bulkhead. Whipped of the underside of the dash( 4 bolts) and feeling the sound deadening up by the pedal box it was soaked. Not coming in from the steereing arm, so looked further up (boy its tight up in there) and would you adam and eve it, where the throttle cable goes through the bulkhead, the water was coming in through there!

    Looks like a triangle cut out in the metal and some sort of grommet / trim thats the reverse shape.

    Under the bonnet and looking in the scuttle panel area to find the throttle cable. It comes through right underneath the ecu box. As it was then dark and starting to rain, i called it a day. I did try to undo the ecu box, but i think there must be more than one bolt holding it down. may have to remove the wiper arm and trim to get behind the box.

    I will add that when i first washed the car after buying it ( some 4 monhts ago) the area with the battery, servo and ecu are was nigh on 2 inches deep in water. I found the two bungs and cleaned them right out. I guess the water had been in there previously and no one had checked the carpets. I am sure they were dry when i bought it. My old car leaked so i was wary. WIsh i had lifted the carpets now....... It feels like aliberty taking a car apart on a forecourt.

    Will keep you posted. Must find a de humidifier.........

    Any help on getting the ecu out would be great.



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