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Water in oil? S3

aniesigh Feb 13, 2013

  1. aniesigh

    aniesigh New Member

    Hi all, bit of an odd one... My s3 has been parked up for ages and only been started occasionally ( last time was probably 4 months ago) now I've gone I finally get it out and get my ass in gear to get it sold and weirdly there's water in the oil, lots of it! But the coolant level hasn't dropped at all. Where / how else could water get into the oil? Bonnet has been shut but had some mental rain and snow in last few months.
    Any ideas? I've drained it out and refilled it twice to flush it and its still Abit milky it needs one more flush out I think but I'm more concerned about where it could have got it?
  2. .Ben.

    .Ben. Member

    If you're not losing coolant, it could be condensation?

    Go for a bit of a drive (20-30 miles) to see if it clears, taking the obvious precautions to stop occasionally to check it?
  3. olethalb

    olethalb Active Member

    how much is alot?

    possible condonsation built up? i'd take it for a good drive and get it nice and hot tbh
  4. Benjiman46

    Benjiman46 R-Tech Terrorist

    It is condensation mate, mine gets it when I leave it stood all week... Not to the extent of yours, however... I'd take it for a long drive, get some engine flush and run it through the engine then drain the oil, take filter off, and leave it for about 2 hours just draining.

    A garage I used to work at had this woman come with a fiesta and she'd just filled the engine with water... Yes, the ENGINE... Then drove about half a mile to to us... She saw the oil can on top and thought that's where you put water... We had to do 5 oil and filter changes to get all that out and it lived :) was a bit rattly for a few days but it lived haha
  5. aniesigh

    aniesigh New Member

    Condensation was the obvious answer, but by alot i mean it was like full to the point it wouldn't turn over! its nearly a year since its been parked up and it has only ever been started and run for a short while so perhaps it could have taken that much on!? as i say it was about 4months ago it was last started and it has probably only been run a handfull of times in the last year. its not on the road at the minute so have left it running ages and am on the 2nd lot of fresh oil which is still looking milky, need to get some more cheap oil to flush it with again before i put some decent stuff in once its sorted. trouble is because of all the recirculated air etc the emulsified oil is visible everywhere (air intake etc) which i could do with getting rid of, as its been stood long enough so i need to sell it but it obviously if someone turns up to look at it to buy they're not going to believe its condensation when they see traces of milky oil!
  6. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    This may be a stupid question, but has the car been sat some place where it might have flooded & you don't know about it?

    My first thought was condensation too, especially if the car has only been run up now & again but not brought up to operating temp for any length of time.

    On the other story, a family member came round to mine asking me to look at the car after driving 5-6 miles home with a "red light flashing".
    I asked if there was an oil can symbol on it. "Yes" was the answer.
    Well your engines knackered then!

    Said female had hit a lump of metal & burst the sump, then drove the rest of the way home.
    A set of bearings & new head later to get it back on the road.

    It turns out, that some insurances do cover stupidity!
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  7. aniesigh

    aniesigh New Member

    No theres no way it was flooded although it was covered in snow for a while, but underwater-no. will have to try clear it out and see what happens!
  8. S3-Si

    S3-Si Member

    That brings back memories of a female customer in my old garage. But she went a step further, not only did she put water in the engine, she also topped up the washer bottle with oil..........easy mistake to make I guess :uhm:
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