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water in drivers footwell

S3-Andy Sep 3, 2008

  1. S3-Andy

    S3-Andy Member

    was giving the car a quick hover out today and notice the carpet and mat in drivers footwell is soaking,ive never noticed this before as i have another set of mats over to protect the good ones, had a lot of rain lately and also had the underside of the car washed,i gonna have a proper look at the weekend when i get the time,just wondered if this was a common problem or if anybody had experienced this before?
    the car is a 2001 s3
  2. S3-Chris

    S3-Chris If its not broke....break it!!

    mate had this trouble on my 2 s3's, its the blackplastic scuttle panel, the turbo pipe warps it with the heat causing it to belly out from ur windscreen, i bought a new one from audi - £35 quid, fitted in the way it should be, then siliconed it - and its lasted fine!
    hope this helps!
    alternatively it could be a door seal! ;)

  3. Clach

    Clach A3 - 1.8Ts

    check for leaves on either side of the scuttle as well, the holes get blocked easily
  4. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Can come in through the Pollen filter too if not sealed correctly.
  5. jimbo_123

    jimbo_123 Member

    I could understand if it was the pollen filter if the water was on the passenger side but I couldnt see the water flowing all the over to the drivers side??

    I would have thought either door seals, windscreen or maybe even the sunroof drains (if you have one?). The problem with the sunroof drain pipes happened on my mk3 golf... water seemed to flow under the carpets on the drivers side.... maybe a cause?
  6. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.


    Yes true I miss read his post. End of my shift, just going home to my bed!
  7. S3-Andy

    S3-Andy Member

    cheers guys, i have no sunroof and i dont think its the door seals so i will check the scuttle first, thats if it ever stops raining!
  8. h100vw

    h100vw Member

    We have had some torrential rain this winter in Adelaide and my A3 filled up on the drivers side too.

    When I finally got in to look at it, I sealed up the bonnet release cable grommet as I had shoved my boost gauge pipe through there too.

    I also lifted the cable entry box above the pedals. It looked to me like it hadn't been sealing well. There was a strip of that doublesided foam around the edge of it but it was really flattened in places and not in others. I goooed that up as well. Obviously, the rain has stayed away since then so I can't tell if it's fixed.

  9. pafcjules

    pafcjules New Member

    I've been chasing a leak around the drivers footwell for about a year now and everytime i think i've fixed it it starts seeping in. I've had the winscreen and seal replaced and the door seal replaced. I think i've finally tracked it down to coming in around the plastic cable box under the windscreen scuttle. Its then seeping inside firstly from behind the pedals and now higher up to the right.

    I'm planning to see if i can seal this up with some sort of sealant, does anyone have any experience of this. I've checked to two drain holes at the sides into the wings which i've cleared and plan to replace the windscreen scuttle as the existing does not clip into the windscreen well.

    Are there any other drain holes beneath the scuttle or aby otherpossible points of entry for water. I,m happy its not around the pollen filter as this sde, inside and out is dry.:greyrs4:
  10. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Not sure if there are any other points of entry. Probably some holes int he bulkhead for cabling but these should let any water through.

    I'd use a window bonding agent to seal anything up. Lasts forever and very strong.
  11. AlistairC

    AlistairC New Member

    Mine is doing this too on drivers side. 1999 1.8 SE.
    Carpet is wet to the squelch too.
    Has now had kitchen towel mopping it up for a few weeks but need a more perm solution.
    Will have a look this weekend.

    I have now had:
    3x MkII golfs
    1x Audi coupe
    2x Corrados
    1x A3

    ALL leak rainwater into passenger compartment!

    So far encountered scuttle panel leaks, sunroof leaks, door leaks, bulkhead grommet leaks & windscreen leaks.

    If anyone solves their A3 soon please share!
  12. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Don't assume anything. Just because the water is on the drivers side does not mean the leak isn't on the passenger side. Water will find a way, travelling down cables etc just to fool you.
  13. ceS3r

    ceS3r Member

    I'm having the same problem in my 2003 S3. Water seems to come from the top of the brake pedal. Though it only leaks when I wash the car, not when it rains, strange.

    What would be the blackplastic scuttle panel you're talking about? I removed today the windshield wipers and the black plastic thing that covers the wiper motors and the ECU, is that what you're talking about? I didn't see anything odd there, the drain holes looked fine, no blockage anything. Any help would be appreciated

    Note: My car is left hand driven, so it might be different from right hand driven cars.
  14. Erikn89nl

    Erikn89nl Well-Known Member

    Yes :)

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