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Water in Air-Con

barry1394 Aug 12, 2009

  1. barry1394

    barry1394 New Member


    Keep getting water coming into my air-con system. Definitely not coolant as can pump out via vent clean water.

    Heard about this 'Botangs Hole' that is under the bonnet on the passenger side and can be accessed without removing the ECU, but I can't get near it. The floor is all wet on that side also but I don't see how this would let it into the air-con.

    Have just had a lot of rain here and it now sounds like I must have about a gallon of water in the air-con system! Movement of the car sends it all sloshing over the inside of the vents. When the fan is on full I can see water splashing out the front and rear vents.

    I just don't know how it is getting in, or how to remove it as pumping it out the vents with a tube isn't removing it all.

    Can anyone advise?


    PS : Reposted under a new thread as I had a different issue before.
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    The water is in you vents system not the air con itself. The air con is the network of pipes and matrices that cool the air down.

    Perhaps the water is getting in somewhere in the area between the bonnet and the windscreen?
  3. barry1394

    barry1394 New Member

    Ha Staz,

    Yes, I agree its the vents that are the problem.

    With the bonnet open, if I pour water onto the windscreen it drops straight through the vent that butts against the screen and then just drops straight over the ECU case (on the far right) and the back of the main air-con intake (in the center). Should water really be just entering the engine compartment by design?

    When the bonnet is down, obviously the top of the air-con vent is sealed but there is nothing obvious open to this water in these areas.

    I guess the clue also is that the passenger floor area is really wet and the cover board over the cables towards the front is absorbing water on one corner.

    I can see plastic vents routing across both the passenger and driver floorpans. Surely this must drain to the outside someone?

    Any help/ideas appreciated.

  4. bigjizzy

    bigjizzy New Member

    Hi Mate,

    I ve had this issue on my 2002 S8, the problem is the Orange breather pipe behind the dash has become blocked (part of the air con system) it releases condensation underneath the car.

    its a dead easy fix either by you or your chosen garage.

    just keep the aircon off until you do or you get wet feet.



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