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Watchdog and Audi (dashboard)

Marko May 18, 2006

  1. Marko

    Marko Member

    Considering the number of posts re temp gauge problems I thought mentioning this worth while. Although it is related to the TT, there have been many people on this A4 forum alone with temp gauge problems... Here is the piece from BBC Watchdog website. It's interesting to read near the end that Audi are replacing dashboards up to 5 years old. My temp gauge is screwed and I even tried a new sender. I am not paying Audi £700 for new dash.. it's their problem. Do I have to live with a faulty gauge on a prestige car!!! I'm going to phone Audi.

    "24 January 2006
    Audi's company slogan Vorsprung Durch Technik means 'advantage through technology', but when it comes to the Audi TT there's one part where technology is a disadvantage - the instrument panel. It houses the speedometer, warning lights, fuel gauge and onboard computer. You'd expect a part like this to last the life of the car, but that's not what we've been hearing.

    Over 50 Watchdog viewers contacted us about problems with their dashpods, ranging from lights flashing for no reason, gauges giving the wrong readings and, in some cases, units causing the battery to run flat.

    Rupinder Chawla has owned her 2000 TT since August, and her dashpod problems started within hours of buying it. A replacement panel cost her £720, but failed again on the way out of the dealership. A third dashpod was fitted free of charge, but Rupinder has lost faith in the part and Audi.

    Ray Watts also had problems with his dashpod. The dials flickered on and off and both the speedometer and petrol gauge gave incorrect readings. He got his unit replaced for £600 but when he complained to Audi he was told that it wasn't aware of a widespread problem.

    It's a frustration shared by Andrew Panayides. He ran out of petrol because his dashpod says the fuel tank's half full when it's empty. He refuses to pay Audi the £800 it quoted him to fix the part.

    Audi has told Watchdog it recognises that a number of fuel and temperature gauges haven't been working correctly, mainly on cars built up to mid-2004, when an improved instrument panel was introduced. It has now agreed to replace units that are out of warranty on cars up to five years old, free, on what it calls a 'case-by-case' basis. Better still, anyone who has already paid for a new dashpod will also be 'treated sympathetically on a case-by-case basis'.

    Affected customers should either contact their local Audi Centre or call its customer hotline on 0800 699 888 and ask for its 'TT Helpdesk'.

    Audi would like apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers and assure them that it's working hard to resolve the issue.

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