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Warranty help re: intermittent gearbox fault

Heathercoral Sep 26, 2013

  1. Heathercoral

    Heathercoral New Member

    Hi All,
    I am new to posting I usually just lurk and soak up knowledge from others... but today I am so dissapointed and don't know where to go next>>>?
    about my latest Audi A3 from The Carshop in Swindon I need reassurance I am still safe to drive it.

    I bought my A3 as a returning customer to Carshop, I had a 2009 Audi in grey previously from them which I PX'd for a 2010 in Red.
    It is a lovely car just like my 2009 model but has 6 gears instead of 5.
    It has jumped out of gear on but only on seven or so occasions and only in low gears probably 1st pulling away or 2nd turning right over the past 3 months.
    I assumed initially it was my inexperience of having 6 instead of 5 gears but as it continued to randomly pop out of gear into the second month of owning it, and when I actually saw the gear knob jump from the corner of my eye I reported it to Carshop within their 3 month warranty period. My problem is that it will not replicate the fault to order and they have 'looked' at it twice now and say it is afe to drive and no apparant fault.
    I am not happy and despite them saying wait till it develops a more serious fault we cannot do anything.
    I have also had my time wasted driving miles from Abingdon to Swindon twice now to have them look at it.
    I did ring and ask a gearbox mechanic his advice and he said it was most probably something inside the gearbox and looking at it externally would not show anything.
    I have complained to them but this is their response:
    Miss Woodward

    Thankyou for your email.

    We have had your vehicle inspected by our workshop technicians to try to recreate the fault with the vehicle slipping out of gear on occasions.

    On the test drives we were unable to recreate the fault and decided to have an independent inspection carried out on the vehicle.

    As you have seen on the report they also did not experience any issue with the vehicle fault on the gearbox. Unfortunately we were unable to supply the inspector with any evidence of faults as we have not been provided a report from your garage indicating they had experienced a fault.

    The gearbox has not been stripped as the vehicle has been deemed roadworthy by an independent inspection we will not be proceeding with this. We are asking you to monitor the situation and CarShop can investigate further once the fault becomes more apparent.

    Your vehicle is available for collection and return of the loan vehicle that was provided.

    Please arrange for the vehicle to come back to Swindon and for collection of your vehicle tomorrow, Thursday 26th September.

    Kindest regards


    Graeme Vincent
    Customer Experience Advisor

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