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Warranty direct?

Patrick_c99 Jul 20, 2013

  1. Patrick_c99

    Patrick_c99 Member

    I've been looking into the warranties and warranty direct have offered me 1 years warranty for £450. I'm unsure weather to get it or not. They have stated that it covers for wear and tear parts, all internal engine parts and the turbo.
    I no I've easily got £500 worth of work to do to the car already and I'm just debating weather it will be worth getting as I don't want to frow them £450 and then nothing gets repaired. 😟
    Any one have any experience with them?

    My car has 100k on the clock so I'm a little skeptical.
  2. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    Not worth the paper it's written on, better off using that £450 on repairs yourself especially at that mileage they only contribute like 30-50% for labour I'm led to believe
  3. Patrick_c99

    Patrick_c99 Member

    Ok. I've asked for the full t and c's to be sent to me. But if they are not going to be paying it all then I'm not going to bother.
  4. buz

    buz Flat out

    If you do decide that their policy is suitable for you then don't accept their first quote!! I was looking at WD a few years ago when my MINI was about to lose its factory warranty, they quoted and when I turned them down they kept pestering over the next week or so and the prices were substantially cut. Definitely read the small print as from my study I don't think they'd pay out for very much!

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