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Warranty Claim Problem

chris101 Feb 17, 2012

  1. chris101

    chris101 New Member

    I took out my warranty with Warrantywise in the 2nd week of January 12 after extensive research of warranty companies.
    After asking many questions via email to WW apart what they cover, what would happen if the part became faulty etc and was given many assurances.

    Unfortunately within 3 weeks of my cover during the weather change in Britain becoming much colder, one morning while commuting to work a noticed a shudder when the gears changed in my A4 Multitronic gearbox.

    I immediately took it to the garage where they advised it was a common fault with the ECU (a part which is covered in my cover) which required replacing and kept my car at the garage while contacting WW.
    My garage contacted WW and gave information regarding the fault.
    It took WW 2 days to get in contact with me requesting my full service history proof and MOT.
    I sent an email back with the proof requested on the same day and it took another 2 days for them to respond and advise they did not receive my email.
    I simply forwarded the original emails I had sent back and then had to chase them 3-4 times during the day before they finally advise most likely an inspector would be coming out but could not confirm until Monday.

    My car had been kept at the garage for 5days now.

    Called WW on Monday as again hey had failed to contact me, which they advised an inspector would be coming to see the car on Tuesday.
    Tuesday came and went and no phone call. Chased WW at the end of Tuesday and they said they would have the inspectors report by Wednesday.

    Wednesday came and I finally Received a call during Wednesday afternoon.

    Unfortunately due to you not returning a signed copy of the warranty plan, we have rejected your claim.
    I had to explain and forward my email trail of proof that a warranty plan was already accepted via email and the sales rep at the time had advised my warranty was up and running.
    However they required me to again send a confirmation email that I accepted their T&S's before they could progress my claim and they would not deal with me until I did regardless of the fact of the email trail proof and monies taken.

    Once I sent the confirmation this morning I had to chase 3 times during the day and finally 10mins before the repairs team closed, I got a phone call saying they have rejected my claim based on the grounds that since taking out the policy I covered only 380miles and therefore the failure must of been progressing before taking out the warranty cover.

    At no point this failure was transparent before the cold weather and since owning the car, there was no other times the car had shuddered.

    I have asked them for proof of how it is a progressive fault but I don't believe they will be able to prove it.

    During the time this claim was going on I got my partner to email them and get information on what grounds they cover the ECU on the gearbox and they said as long as there was proof it was working and and pre-inspection was not needed, they would be able to cover the part.

    I am going to summarise a letter/email to the director of the company and see if anything further can be down but after my nightmare experience of 2 weeks where my car is still at the garage, I am not optimistic at all.

    Would would you advise I do with my approach?

  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    How do they ever prove that you don't take out the cover because you have a pre-existing condition with the car.

    Trading standards???? Auto Express????

    Oh I see they're endorsed by Quentin Willson (who was jailed for 9 months for clocking cars when a second hand car salesman back in the 80's). And I think he took bungs for giving fake car reviews..... I rest my case.
  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Lol, learn something new on here every day Warren. I never did like Quentin Wilson.
  4. S3 MCW

    S3 MCW Member

    they sound like complete c**ts.
  5. chris101

    chris101 New Member

    Took it to another garage and same fault was displayed and again they advised these fault are not progressive, they can happen at any given time.

    I wrote a long complaint email to the owner of the warranty company.
    How many days should I give it for a response before writing a recorded letter as last hope something will be done or at least my tracks covered so I can take them to small claims court, if required.
  6. chris101

    chris101 New Member

    Their response -

    In regards to your specific complaint, I have reviewed the details of your repair and can respond as follows;

    Your vehicle was taken to your repairer who requested replacement of the Gearbox ECU. Upon receipt of this information we appointed an Independent Engineer (who does not work for Warrantywise, but is from an independent company) to attend and provide an unbiased report regarding your vehicle’s condition.

    The report which we received was then passed to our technicians to review. I apologise yet again if this was in an untimely fashion at all, however we have no control of the Independent Inspections company timescales providing us with such reports. Rest assured that I shall conduct a separate review into this matter with the inspection company in question and if there was any delay we shall attend to those issues directly.

    Our technicians considered the contents of the independent report and it was found that the fault with your vehicle was demonstrated in an intermittent nature and was not a constant nor sudden unforeseen fault.

    From your plan booking date, where you declared a mileage of 76252miles, at the time of breakdown the mileage was recorded as 76638 miles, this would mean that the vehicle had travelled a mere 386 miles in the 25 days since plan purchase to the date it arrived at your repairer. For this reason, the independent inspectors believed that this fault was likely to have been developing at the time you purchased your Warrantywise plan. This does not mean that you would necessarily have been aware of any such fault at the time.

    Although your vehicle did present a fault code, this is not a guarantee of the fault, or indeed the nature of the fault. This is clearly noted in the documentation provided. Whilst I can sympathise with your position of having a vehicle off the road and being without transport, I am unable to alter the decision to decline your claim unless some substantial solid evidence can prove (1) a sudden unforeseen failure has indeed occurred (2) that the failure has occurred after the warranty purchase date (3) that you have signed and accepted the warranty terms and conditions.

    I feel that the warranty may not have provide the level of cover which you were expecting, nor anticipating it to do. Therefore I am willing to offer a full refund of all money paid to date and cancel your warranty cover forthwith should you wish to do so. If you are unwilling to sign and return the Proposal Form as you suggest, then we will have no choice but to admit that we have failed to agree terms in which case all money will be returned and the warranty cancelled in any case.

    I look forward to your response and hope that I have been able to clarify the details of your claim and reasons for the decline at this time. As I have said, should you wish to present any further evidence I shall be happy to provide a further review of the repair, however with the information provided by your repairer and the independent inspection company I cannot alter the decision at this time.
  7. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    this is why i never buy any warranty
    you cant prove it they cant prove it
    good luck in what you do but they will win they do 99% of the time
  8. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    with your little situation mate it has put me right off purchasing an aftermarket warranty!
    i enquired with warranty direct for one and now they wont leave me alone!
    which instantly set the alarm bells ringing! lol!
    they are a bit too keen in my opinion which i thought was very fishy!
    first they quoted me about £600 and by the 5th phone call off them this had dropped to about £400!
    i done a lot of research and read through a lot of different forum reports and the overall results were quite negative!
    i enquired, and when you read through there bumf that they inevitably send you! (and they do) they seem pretty good and even cover you for wear and tear items etc!
    but, you do have to pay a percentage of the parts, your car has to be squeaky clean, and in 5 out of 10 cases from reading forum write ups) they will actually pay up! but mainly dont! lol! for some reason or other!
    i thought i may as well have a rainy day fund instead because after reading many write ups like yourself it is indeed a lucrative and very suspect service on offer! because lets face it, if you have paid out over a long period of time for a service that you have never actually used, you will feel obliged to use it at least once and the fact of the matter is they rarely cough up!
    and i am sure if for example you begin to rely on this false sense of security, for example you need to claim for a covered part and they decline to pay out! you would not be very happy!
    so to avoid all heartache i have decided to opt out of an aftermarket warranty!
    i really hope you get your sittuation sorted and they eventually cough up and sort you out dude!
    but for me, in general, paying somebody around £30 a month for a maybe service is just not viable! IMO
    if you just keep a bit of money aside for the inevitable, you could get cheap repairs with cash bargaining power, rather than all the hassle of waiting for phone calls, making phone calls, getting stressed shouting at people and being without your precious audi for many days! which, lets face it, was the reason for a warranty anyway!
    to summarise, aftermarket third party warranty"s................ good in writing, great in theory but **** in real life!
  9. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    I smell a trip to the small claims court mate. Extended warantee's aren't worth a wet fart
  10. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Had a claim on my wifes Clio with warranty direct . Servicing wasn't in line with manual, but I argued it was irrelevant due to it being an electrical fault with the heater,not engine related. They paid up for the repair which cost the same as the warranty. Pain was though no courtesy car. Wouldn't bother again though. Get Audi extended for mine, definately worth the extra.

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