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Warped Disc(s) possibly...

Wizza Sep 4, 2013

  1. Wizza

    Wizza Member

    So goes the story. Replaced my rear discs and pads on Sunday and all was fine for Monday.

    On way to work Tuesday I had to, not slam on as such but, brake suddenly due to a vehicle not looking as though it wanted to stop then within the moment ended up coming around a corner a little quicker than expected and then my brake warning light flashed up and went off. Since then I have had a drumming/thudding/humming noise coming from what seems the rear nearside wheel at all speeds.

    You can hear it sometimes when moving very slowly and obviously get the more continuous noise at higher speeds (60-70mph). In between its more just engine/exhaust noise so can't hear much.

    Does anyone have any idea. I can't see any obvious signs of damaged to the disc and I need to recheck my wheel bolts for torque after putting them back on. I'm just hoping I haven't a worn bearing all of a sudden as there is NO noise from the area when braking and braking appears normal. Is there a possibilty something is loose?

    I didn't have chance to check last night unfortunately...

    Cheers all :(

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