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Warning lights - the ABS and the parking brake light

vij31 Mar 22, 2006

  1. vij31

    vij31 New Member

    Just started happening after about an hour or more in the car getting home from work. The ABS and the parking brake light come on and stay on till the engine is turned off and then restarted.

    If you continue driving I seemed to loose the abs and the assisted brakes for a while as well. Then everything back as it should be after turning the engine off and restarting.

    Took it into the local garage and get told by them after the checked it out that it was the brake light switch? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif

    Replaced that and its still happening. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    I need a little help since I am pretty much a newbie at car problems.
  2. mas

    mas Member

    You need to get the fault codes read. Lots of issues possible with abs units.

    either a vag specialist or somebody with vag-com.
  3. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    This is exactly how my ABS controller unit started out. And then becomes more regular until it just gives up.

    Can cost £250 through a dealer to confirm and the fault does not always show on VAG com so iam told by my dealers. If VAG com does not show faults or gives problems they disconnect the abs pump then hey presto they get fault codes. and you get a big bill.

    Unfortunately if this is the case then its £1200 to fit a new unit from the dealers.

    A few people are remanufacturing these units for anything from $250 to £500 (yes dollars)

    Mine is going on holiday with me to the states to a company called auto truck electronics in west palm beach Florida.

    Good luck


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