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Warning lights on A4 100Tdi

samuelt Aug 31, 2007

  1. samuelt

    samuelt Member

    hi all , my friend has a 2003 A4 TDI 100 SE that has done 102k, the other day he phoned me and told me that his oil warning light had come on and asked about which oil to use, I Advised castol 505.01 as specified so he used that BUT he stuck in 1L in one go! and the light has not gone out! Today he comes over to my desk and says that his engine management light has come on. I went out to his car and the DIS (full DIS) shows a Oil can in the top 1/4 with the word Sensor beside it and the engine management light is still on. I advised him to go to a Audi Specialist ASAP! Any ideas whats gone wrong??
  2. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    If his oil sensor light came on, it's got nothing to do with the level of oil usually. The oil sensor is underneath the engine and monitors oil levels, just be sure to keep checking the oil via the dipstick.

    The oil sensor is a fairly cheap part to replace and it's a five minute job.
  3. jase0851

    jase0851 Member

    i hope he checked the dipstick before he banged that litre of oil in ? stupid question i know but if he didnt and the levels to high he best drain it back out

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