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Warning Lights after Flywheel replacement

BurntOut Aug 2, 2013

  1. BurntOut

    BurntOut New Member

    Help required if possible peops.

    A4 2005 2.0 SE TDI

    So my rear brake lights where staying on and this discharged the battery, so had been advised it was prob a faulty brake light switch.

    I also heard a faint flutter from under the car and assumed it was a hole/crack in the exhaust. But will driving it to the garage to get looked at there was a Bang, and I though o there goes the exhaust.

    Only when I got it to the garage, it wasn't the exhaust after all. The Flywheel broke and damaged the starter too, apparently it was a mess, but lucky enough no damage to gearbox.

    So I have jus had a new Dual Mass Flywheel, starter, clutch kit fitted and that brake light switch too, but upon collecting the car it now has 2 warning lights on and takes about 5 secs to start after you turn the key.

    The two warning lights are the Engine Management Light which remains solid and the Coil Light which starts flashing as soon as the car does start, when you initially turn the key it goes off but then comes back on and flashes.

    I have 3 diagnostic reports, first one show a lot of faults, second not so many, and third only a few, which are:

    Fault - DTC counts 1 - 03-ABS Brakes
    01826 Sensor for steering angle (g85): supply voltage terminal 30

    Anyone know why these warning lights may be on now and its taking 5 secs for the car to actually start.

    I'm having my doubts that the garage. don't know themselves as they've given me the car with a drive it for a while and then see if any go off and if not we'll look at it again, allegedly in my interest of spreading the costs.

    But my head is fried, I have been out twice and am constantly worried somethings gonna go wrong with these lights on.

    Anyone any thoughts??

    Thank You
  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeah recalibrate the angle sensor & go for a test drive.

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