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Wanting a 3.0 TDI Le Mans - Vehicle Tax Variations ?? Help

sc00byd00byd00 Mar 2, 2013

  1. sc00byd00byd00

    sc00byd00byd00 Frank and Beans............... VCDS Map User

    After yet another break in at home in an attempt to get the keys to my R32 i've decided to sell up and get something more family orientated, esp with Kid #2 due imminently (in 2 weeks)

    I really like the A6 but dont want to sactifice the power of the R32 do the 3.0TDI seems like a worthy alternative.

    My only gripe when I had the R32 was the Tax (£460 pr yr)

    I've been looking at the 3.0 and 2.7 TDI Le Mans out there and there doesn't appear to be any ryme nor reason thats obvious as to why some are £215 / £270 / £460 to tax..... I'm well aware of the pre March '06 thing to do with emissions but when looking for an A6, how do I easily identify a lower emissions 233bhp 3.0TDI without a) having to contact the seller to ask for it or b) to a vahicle enquiry on the reg if its displayed on the advert ?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. fishyfish

    fishyfish Member

    When talking 3.0's, I believe that it is the Tiptronic Avants that slip into the higher £460 bracket (226g/km) due to the extra weight they have to lug... I think the Tiptronic saloon squeaks under the 225g/km bar to fall into the £270 bracket. Post 2008 avants might manage to drop to the lower bracket, but can't recall if that was due to different (240hp) engine spec.

    As far as I know, the whole point of the 2.7 was to reign in the carbon emissions, so it is definitely a £270 bracket or lower... it may be that the 2.7 manages to drop into the £215 category when paired with FWD instead of quattro... not too sure about that on to be honest, as I only cared about the 3.0 when I went shopping for my Le Mans *shrug*

    I do know your pain though, as there seems to be contradictions to these "rules" all over the place, and ultimately the only way you can be certain is to see the V5C. For what its worth, I got sick of worrying about it, and ended up buying nice example which just happened to be in the higher bracket... so I just go without a few extra beers each year ;)

    Good luck with your hunt... they are a cracking family vehicle :)
  3. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    My 07 3.0TDi Quattro SE 233 comes in at £148 for 6 months and £270 per annum.

    Flew through it's MOT with some quite silly advisory's namely:

    001) Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components
    002) Engine covers fitted obscuring some components in the engine bay

    Am pleased with it and have managed over 900 miles on a tank!
  4. Mr-C

    Mr-C Active Member

    Are you Mr Mercers mate by any chance?
  5. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    Wuzza Mr Mercer??
  6. sc00byd00byd00

    sc00byd00byd00 Frank and Beans............... VCDS Map User

    That be me :)
  7. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    mines tip avant so the £400+, to get a tip avant with cheaper tax i'd have to spend £6k more for a newer car
    avant manual & saloon tip are both lower taxed

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