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Wanted - images or video of Dension iPod UI screens

Scapegoat Feb 17, 2010

  1. Scapegoat

    Scapegoat New Member

    Currently in the process of deciding the optional extras for a new Audi A3 Black Edition (2.0 TDi 143 PS stop/start).

    Car comes with a Bose speaker/amp upgrade as standard. It also has a Concert radio, Driver Information System and AUX in port near the handbrake (quite why this isn't in a out of site area - glove box / centre storage etc I don't know).

    Having used an Aux in my Saab for the last 3 years, am keen to have a more integrated / controllable iPod connection.

    The information on the official Audi iPod and USB option in the glovebox is dissappointing (in essence turning 5 play lists in to CD Changer CDs and no information from the iPod) and to be honest not worth the £180 cost.

    AMI sounds better, but has the unfortunate requirement of needing £1k+ of DVD Sat-Nav - too much for me.

    Reading round the Dension Gateway 100 series might be the solution, with a cable installed in the glove box. However I am interested to see some images / videos of how the iPod information is displayed on the stereo / DIS.

    Anyone got any? Also any advice on the system in gneral.

    Will be using a latest gen 64gb iPod touch.

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