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Wanted high level led break light unit for c5 avant !! Please help

murdozzz Apr 13, 2012

  1. murdozzz

    murdozzz RS6 Avant 04

  2. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    if you have no luck finding one and want one made speak to scottb5.

    he has turned his one into led
  3. EmeldaDilliard

    EmeldaDilliard New Member

    So to combat this, the led strip lights 12v only clear section i have is the indicator piece, so i was wiring in 2 or 3 standard single LED strip Manufacturer on each side, then would drill them in under the indicator bulb and fit them with the little plastic collar to set them in like so

    Nothing amazing but they are
    led spotlight better than the incandescent bulbs, the like is white, which you'd expect from LEDs and they are brighter, which makes it a bit better for reversing at night.

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