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[wanted] audi a4 1.8 T sport

steve© Sep 22, 2009

  1. steve©

    steve© New Member

    as the title says :friends:

    preferably with some history especially timing belt etc,with current full v5 document ,must be taxed and mot,d (with genuine papers)
    100 mile range of newcastle upon tyne or further up north as a live near alwnick

    body in good condition as possible

    show me what you have and genuine reason for sale i am new member and not a previous audi owner so be gentle,will require inspection and ill provide insurance notes i can test drive it accompanied by owner.

    Beeen looking on ebay but aint many and we all know ebay can suck from time to time price range max not telling ;)

    Thanks!! steve©:icon_thumright:

    ps more pics and info the better
  2. Lee Goodall

    Lee Goodall Active Member

    Mine will be up for sale in a few weeks mate.

    I'm in the midlands but can always meet 1/2 way etc.

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