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WANTED- Audi A3 3 Door Drivers Door Arm Rest needed!

Staphoent May 24, 2013

  1. Staphoent

    Staphoent New Member

    Hi There,

    There is a large crack in my sisters Audi A3 2004 3 Door Tdi Sport drivers door arm rest. She is trying to sell the car but it really looks bad. She can't afford the £55 from the dealers as she is an unemployed student. Does anybody have one of these that they could sell me/her at a reasonable price?

    The colour is black and the part number is below.

    Part Number: 8p3 867 174 24a

    The photo in this post is of an a3 armrest that another user posted on this forum.

    We will both appreciate any offers, feedback or advice.


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