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Wanted Apy cylinder head for my S3

Shawny-S3 May 2, 2011

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  1. Shawny-S3

    Shawny-S3 New Member

    :sadlike: hi all just a quick one i havent been a member all that long but after owning my 1999 s3 for a VERY short period------------ 2 days i realised it was loosing water so ive pulled the cylinder head off last night and the head gasket looks fine and theres rusting inside the inlet which leads me to beleive its a cracked cylinder head ..............
    so first of all are any othere cylinder heads the same as apy cylinder heads ?
    and does anybody have one forsale or beable to put me intouch with some where or somebody selling a cylinder head ?
    iam based in yorkshire but will travel for it
    thank you for your time
  2. MUSH

    MUSH MUSH Developments Ltd.

    Ive got one, 48 k miles. Its an AUQ smallport head with a brand new non VVT tensioner. So basically its APY spec. Pmd
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