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Wanted 8P S3 2007-2010

Ross0 Jul 9, 2013

  1. Ross0

    Ross0 New Member

    Hi, I'm new and just signed up, been browsing through the forum the last few months while on a hunt for a s3. so where best to start looking than a forum, any help/advice will be greatful.

    I'm looking for a S3 with the following spec as close as possible:

    ideally the facelift version so 2008/2009 if possible
    Black, White or possibly Grey
    full audi/specialist history
    50k miles max
    Full black leather (no two tone)
    Sat Nav
    Flat bottom steering wheel (not a must)
    Recaro buckets

    modifications im not too fussed- im planning on going to stage 2 so ideally couold be running stage1/2 already, maybe with a full miltek system, CAI, HPFP, etc


  2. Ross0

    Ross0 New Member

    anybody selling up?
  3. Ross0

    Ross0 New Member

    looking to buy asap
  4. R34nel

    R34nel Active Member

    you should hold out for a stage 2+ car if you can pal as it won't be cheap if you decide to do it yourself as I found, and it WILL require a new clutch if you want to make any use if the power and that is a big bill depending on what you go for, mine was £1150 for clutch, 400 cai, 3-400 hpfp, over 1k exhaust, 600 software , 150 sps the list goes on.... And the s3 is dull as dishwater in stock form
  5. elrao

    elrao Member

    My car meets a lot of your requirements, but its got about 65k on the clock. Just serviced with cambelt done. Its an S-Tronic, so better suited to Stage 2+ if you don't want to fork out for a clutch.Facelift (58)SportbackS-TronicBlackFull audi/specialist history65k milesFull black leatherSat Nav (Mk2 RNS-E)Flat bottom steering wheelDOES NOT HAVE Recaro bucketsBoseAMI (iPod)Parking system plusREVO stage 1Black edition grill / privacy glass

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