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Wanted: 2001.5 Audi S4

cresaudi Sep 23, 2003

  1. cresaudi

    cresaudi New Member

    I have been searching for a 2001.5 Audi S4 for a while now with little luck. If anyone can help me with my search I'd appreciate it. Here is what I'm looking for:
    2001.5 Audi S4
    Nogaro Blue
    Sport Package (Alacantara Suede inlay seats & door panels and polished mirrors)
    Manual Transmission
    I'd prefer little to no modifications
    30,000 miles or less

    I live in Ohio (US) but I'm willing to travel if I find a worthy car. Thanks for any help...
  2. johnvt1111

    johnvt1111 New Member

    I have also been looking for one like this....incredible car and i love the interior
  3. TurkS4

    TurkS4 New Member


    Is this the car????.....only problem is getting it to the states, but at least the steering wheel is on the wrong side /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    00 (W) AUDI S4 QUATTRO, nogaro blue, blue alcantara trim, 6 speed, CD, 20,000 miles, 1 owner, left hand drive, the ultimate Quattro, full Audi service history, £17,995 (Rod Allen Cars) Tel: 01702 471472 [T]

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