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want to upgrade audi concert on A3 to after market system as cheap as possible.

alitech Nov 26, 2008

  1. alitech

    alitech New Member

    I just bought an Audi a3 51 reg SE. Comes with a CD player. The audio is terrible and I want to upgrade to an aftermarket system. Ideally want a DAB radio with CD and MP3 player. Did some research and found that the Sony CDX 6650 is going to do the job. I also have a VIBE sub woofer with built in amp that I wish to use and possibly an extra set of 6x9s. Upon futher research, I found that I need a bunch of other accessories to make the thing work as the audi doesnt support RCA outputs and all speakers are amplified etc etc... I think I can find all the stuff cheaply online but I want to get them professionally installed by someone who can do a clean job.. Can anyone please let me know where I shold look for people who would be able to do it for me cheap? A friend of mine got it done from someone who came to the house and did everything required for £40. I dont know where to start looking for someone like that. I lost touch with this friend since....

    Any guidance on what I can do with the upgrade on my A3 will also be appreciated.

    This is the gear I think that will make everything work.

    Sony CDX-6650
    Autoleads PC9-404 Audi ISO Lead/Harness
    Autoleads PC4-20 Amplifier Wiring Kit
    Autoleads FP-18-00 - Seat Facia Panel
    Autoleads PC5-52 Signal Seperation Filter
    An extra pair of good quality 6x9s (open to suggestions)
    Some sort of audio splitter to power the extra speakers.

    Also, it didnt come with an extra key fob. I want to get an extra one just in case. Has anyone got any ideas on how to get one? I searched on ebay and found used remote fobs with blank keys that I need to get cut myself. I have been told that if I go to Audi directly they cost an arm and a leg.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    6x9's are generally ****, where were you going to install them? (please don't say the parcel shelf).
    The stock speakers are 4" components in the front with 1" tweeters and 6.5" coaxials in the rear. The most important area is the front components though you are severely limited by the flimsy door card mount and the sub. Forget installing extra speakers.
    You'll need to run power from the battery to the boot for the sub amp, and RCA's from the sub pre-out to feed it.
    You don't need the PC9-404 unless you have the Bose system or the PC4-20 as you'll need at least an 8 gauge 40amp wiring kit for the sub.
    If you do have Bose then you'll have popping issues trying to integrate the new HU with the Bose amps.
    For non Bose just rewire the rears directly to the HU and bypass the tiny Nokia amp (that's inside the tupperware sub), otherwise you'll have very quiet rear speakers.
  3. robefc

    robefc New Member


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