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want to introduce myself

imported_IWantAnS4 Sep 27, 2004

  1. hey everybody. my friend owns a VW Golf(show car) and we went to H2O Int'l in Ocean City this past weekend. Well, i saw a few Audi's there that i loved and thought id try to find out more. i live in VA. right now, i drive a '92 Ford Mustang GT, but, like i said. i just wanna learn more about Audis, cuz, as my name says, i really, REALLY want an S4. but, i just wanted to say hi to everybody, and dont worry, im not here to start anything. just to learn more. hopefully ill see you around on here.
  2. imported_RastaS4

    imported_RastaS4 Guest

    Man... S4 is the car to have!!!!!! Welcome to the Forum

  3. im guessing thats what you have ?(by your signature). i like you avatar pic. looks sweet.

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