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want a remap on my a4 1.8t quattro avant 190 sportsline

rog 190 quattro May 16, 2009

  1. rog 190 quattro

    rog 190 quattro rog190quattro

    hi everyone thinking of getting a remap i just wondered what gains i would be getting and are the results worth the cost.Who do you recomend,on the border of oxon and Northants?:greyrs4:
  2. Custom-Code HQ

    Custom-Code HQ Member

    Hi Rog,

    We can offer you a remap for your Audi A4 1.8T for £305.90inc vat, this also includes the 30%discount off the RRP, performance figures will be in the region of 205/210bhp with 230/235lbs of torque, we can also offer you a mobile tuning service where we can come to either your place of work or home to whichever suits.

    If you require a booking or need any further information then please contact us on 01246 455004.



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