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VX220 vs Lotus Elise S1

Matt Maddison Jun 26, 2012

  1. Matt Maddison

    Matt Maddison Member

    I’m thinking of buying a second car as a bit of a Sunday weapon (I’m not allowed another Motorbike) and have been hanging my nose over S1 Elise’s.

    A friend of mine has thrown a spanner in the works, he rallies a Vauxhall (but drives a TVR) and he is trying to persuade me that a VX220 is the way to go. Maybe the VX220 doesn’t quite have the fine handling of the Elise but when you compare the costs (and the fact that the VX220 doesn’t have a Rover engine based head gasket problem) the VX220 is the way to go. A 1998 S1 with about 40k miles is around £10-11k and a 2001 VX220 (normally aspirated 2.2) with about 50k miles and a full service history is around £7-7.5k. Is the 4k premium and the higher running costs worth it? Anyone driven both of these or any opinions appreciated!

  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    I used to be a salesman at a V dealer for the VX... comapring the two, the Elise is more set up for track use, where as the VX is obviously road...which means when it hits a pot hole, the VX handles itself much better. Build quality, brand new VX's had bits falling off as they had rattled loose.

    Here's the clincher - and probably biased to the turbo model more than any - every turbo model that past by me, had been written off and rebuilt at my dealer (apart from a couple of special orders) and therefore not recorded. The amount of salesman that took these out, put the foot down in tyhe wet and crashed them was unbeleivable (they never learnt).

    Personally i'd save for a Toyota engined Lotus if it were me....

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