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VW passat gl estate 1993 green

bigrich690 Aug 21, 2012

  1. bigrich690

    bigrich690 Active Member

    For Sale

    VW Passat GL estate 1993 (B7) in kawasaki green.


    We bought this car in april off a friend who had this sat in his drive since october till we bought it in the april, when we picked her up (after a jump start) she started up no problem and never needed a jump start since, not bad for a car with 200,000miles on the clock! thats right 200,000miles! he'd had a new battery fitted, new coilpack, new plugs, leads, dizzy cap, rotar arm, water manifold and tires.

    It had an MOT on it till july 2012 but no tax, so we taxed her and she has still got 3 months tax (end of nov 2012), and we have just had a fresh MOT put on too so she comes with 12months MOT.

    She was also silver when we bought her, but since owning her we had her reprayed green as we bought the car to take on the crumball rally.



    We took part in the crumball rally in july, we drove her 2,850miles across europe including france, switzerland, germany, italy, prague and belgium.


    Throughout the trip she never let us down once!!!! which my mate we bought her off said!

    So we had her sprayed green as she was going to be the riddlers car from badman, so we had question mark stickers made and installed these too, these can be removed no problem as can the crumball rally sticker.


    She comes with fully adjustable coilovers that are in better condition then i expected as for the MOT i needed to raise them to get on and off the ramp, a couple of sprays from the WD40 and they went up and down with no hastle what so ever.

    She comes with a set of 15" 5 spoke black deep dish rims with crome dish and lip, unknown what the make of the wheels but they look good, tires are resonable and legal as they went through the MOT no bother.

    She also has a tow bar and plug on the rear.

    She is the GL so comes with full electric windows front and back, including electric sunroof but only one runner seems to work so need a little assistance when opening and closing but does work once shown how :)

    Bad points
    The heaters never really worked when we bought her, infact the water used to leak into the passanger footwell until i modified it, it was loosing water from the radiator so ive bypassed the pipe so it doesnt leak but now there is no official heater, and the windscreen wipers only work on fast for some reason, again this is how she was when we bought her, and lastly the horn doesnt work, all these things never bothered me so never bothered to get them fixed as this car was only for the trip really.

    Ive been very honest about the car and can only say that this is very reliable for a 20 year old car, we've had her on the road for nearly 3 months and nothing has even steped out of place!

    The car is in my name but is owned by myself (Richard) and my friend chris, so any offer will have to be descused between us both.


    We are looking for around £800.00 so get your offers in, she owes us more but we have had fun owning her so will be happy with offers within the sale price.

    If you are interested drop me a PM, e-mail me on bigrich690@hotmail.co.uk or call/text me on 07855021794.

    We are located in Micklefield, Leeds, west yorkshire.

    Thanks for looking


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