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Vw mk5 golf gti ESP fault driving me mad, Help please

A3Craig Jan 19, 2013

  1. A3Craig

    A3Craig Member

    Hi I have a mk5 golf GTI, I currently cant drive the car more than 30m without turning the ESP off, when I start moving the car is ok and as soon as I get into second gear or above and start to accelerate, the cars esp constantly flickering on and off and cutting the power, if you let go off the accelerator and let the esp go out then accelerate again it does it again the only way you can drive the car is if you turn it off, I have scanned it with vcds and nothing come up, have taken both the front sensors out and cleaned them and checked they're connected correctly and there fine any ideas?
  2. Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown Member

    Sounds like some ABS fault.

    There must be a 'block' you can log with live data, see where this problem comes from? If not take to main dealer :)

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