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vw golf gt tdi pd 150

JonesyGT Jan 12, 2007

  1. JonesyGT

    JonesyGT New Member

    Im thinking about swapping my clio 172 for one of these as im doing more miles at the mo. what sort of mpg do these achieve and what are peoples opinion on them? I know it wont handle aswell but i think im growing up and want a cruiser rather than a back road screamer
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Absoulutely ******* rapid in gear - you'll realistically see low 40's with it, maybe mor if its all motorways.

    It might be worth buying a 130 instead as i believe there were some issues with the 150 variant.

    There is also something that goes at about 90k on the majority of these diesel engines but i cant remember for the life of me what it is!
  3. AwesomeSarah

    AwesomeSarah Member

    The PD150`s are a fantastic engine
    I think people thought that there was an issue with the DMF (dual mass flywheel)
    But you will find all the PD engines have them
    The 130`s was renown for the turbo`s not beeing too good , so if remapping go with a company that dont rely on the turbo doing the work
    115`s was renown for head gaskets going
    But a car that has been looked after will not let you down
    For more info look on the Uk-mkiv`s forum
    But the MK4 Golfs are quite good , alot if items out there for them
    Have the same problems as most VAG`s rear beam bushes and MAF`s
  4. mike60eley

    mike60eley Active Member

    Hi, The Golf GT-PD150 is a great car. Its quick for a deisel and a good workhorse with a good spec. The only problem is the MAF, You need a good stock of these.
  5. KarenCaren

    KarenCaren Member

    Hello JonesyGT.

    Its a good idea that you will swap your clio for a vw golf gt. That car is great. it will give you good MPG and it has good spec than a 130. The problem you will gonna get is the MAF. you just need to replace it with a good quality MAF.


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