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VW Golf Dension Icelinks + Ipod cradles

munchkincoupe Jan 25, 2012

  1. munchkincoupe

    munchkincoupe Member

    Ok - I bought 2 different used but good condition Dension Icelink Plus Units for my wife's Mk5 Golf Plus with the RCD300 HU as I wasn't 100% sure which was needed. I bought the 2 units as both may have been compatible. I've never got round to fitting them and have just bought her a Pioneer bluetooth enabled HU with Ipod controls so all of the Dension kit is now not going to be fitted.

    This is what I've got (with the numbers from the units - pics to follow once photobucket is working properly):

    1) Dension IceLink Plus V2.02 - e11023073 / E142415 VW serial No. under barcode 412347565
    has an 8pin blue socket
    comes with an 8Pin Dension Ipod cradle with bracket (needs some self tapping screws on the mount bracket

    2) Dension Icelink Plus - e11031256 / HW:V4R5-20-b VW serial No. under barcode 442212323
    has a 12pin white socket
    comes with an 8pin Ipod cable

    3) Dension Ipod cradle IP34CR9 kit 9Pin / 5V
    Adapters - Ipod Nano 3 + 2 (Nano 4 used in my car), Inserts 1,3,4 (2 used in my car) and Ipod Touch

    4) Airvent Clip for cradles IP01AC1

    5) 9pin dock cable kit IP04DC9

    6) Brodit clip for Golf plus (type - just below stereo fascia) - never screwed into

    I want £50 for the lot via paypal gift or £55 normal payment

    Slideshow of pics - Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

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