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Votex - Congleton. Worth a visit.

me77or May 25, 2013

  1. me77or

    me77or New Member

    Morning Chaps

    My S3 8P3 needed its first service under my ownership this week, - the dreaded (£££) cambelt change, plus a couple of fluid changes (brake and Haldex).

    I did a bit of research on here about specialist in the North West/Cheshire and took a punt on visiting Votex in Congleton. I know a lot of people on here swear by Awesome GTI in Irlam (and when I contacted them they were superb) but Votex was more convenient for me and their price was approx £60 cheaper than Awesome GTI (small change in the big picture I know but it all helps).

    Overall it was a good choice. The work was done to a good standard and they are a nice bunch of lads who know what they are talking about. I wouldn't hesitate on going back.

    So, I just thought I'd share my experience with you guys in case you too are looking for an alternative to main dealers in the North West.

    Hope you all have a great bank holiday in the sunshiiiiiiiine!


  2. PiranhaMan

    PiranhaMan Member

    thanks for that nick
    ... these things are always good to know if some work needs doing on my car

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