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Virtual Performance Figures - S3 vs S3 (Chipped)

Supercharged May 22, 2004

  1. Supercharged

    Supercharged New Member

    As not many people seem to have proper performance figures for chipped S3's and the fact I was a little board tonight...

    I decided to have a play with a nifty piece of software I've got on my PC. Its called Car Test, you plug in all the technical data for a car, I used data from The Bosch Automotive Handbook and S Cars. I've used this software quite a lot and its proved pretty accurate...

    So I started with standard 225bhp S3 and the figures it produced were

    0-60 - 6.2s
    0-100 - 16.2s
    1/4 mile 14.5s @ 95mph

    So compare that to the figures as tested for a real S3

    0-60 - 6.1s
    0-100 -15.8s
    1/4 mile 14.6 @ 96mph

    Pretty close, a little slower than the real thing, but its always better to be conservative

    So next I put in the data for a chipped S3 using the same info as a standard S3, but increasing power to 265bhp @ 5645rpm and 275lb/ft @ 4300rpm

    Now times were as follows

    0-60 - 5.5s
    0-100 -14.3s
    1/4 mile 13.9 @ 98.6mph

    Not bad, but what is more impressive are the in gear 30-50 & 50-70 acceleration times which you'd expect due to the extra torque of the chipped car
  2. MingBluS3

    MingBluS3 Member

    Nice work mate. Quite an improvement.

    Mines chipped but i doubt it would match that.
  3. dunk

    dunk Member

    how about putting in some figues for me for a jabba big turbo kit:

    try 386hp at 6416 and 343lb/ft at 5767



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