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VIN Locations

stewpot1776 Mar 16, 2014

  1. stewpot1776

    stewpot1776 New Member

    Hello all,

    i have looked at the previous posts with regards to locations and found a few that people had mentioned, I have a VIC coming up and wanted to find my VIN's just for peace of mind. I have found the following:

    Windscreen visible one
    Under the bonnet, the one on the driver side strut sticker with weight etc
    under the bonnet, on my driver side wing I have a stamped one with *wauzzz.....* under a strip of clear plastic/tape
    My DIS also says one.

    the sticker on my boot mat has faded away completely, the bold black writing with lots of writing is on it still however where it says:


    is completely empty.

    i got a 2008 Audi so I'm not sure if the locations change. I checked my parents TT 2010 and the carpet sticker in the boot also faded. Should this be ample and all they check? I HPI'd it when I bought it and it came up as a previous Cat C and I did the VIN check and it was fine. I swear my paranoia gets worse as I get older.

    many thanks


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