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VIDEO: Wheel bearing or something else?!

Blacky165 Mar 18, 2014

  1. Blacky165

    Blacky165 Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Car: 2005 A3 8P 2.0 TDi BKD DSG 3 door - 117,000 miles

    My car had been developing symptoms that I presumed were consistent of a failing front passenger wheel bearing. However after hitting a pothole, these symptoms got a lot worse (pot hole blew the tyre, so it was a decent impact! alloy is fine, not buckled).

    The symptoms now are as follows:

    vibration at speeds above 30mph, vibration seems to be wobbling the car side to side.
    fast knocking sound (failing bearing sound)
    Only appears after a few miles, no symptoms for first few miles of every journey

    However when I take the wheel off the bearing seems tight, zero play. But there does seems to be excess play where the drive shaft connects to the gearbox. The noise is most definitely coming from the gearbox, and not the bearing.

    (sorry for the poor light, 11pm isn't the best time to inspect your bearings, but it's the ONLY time i have).

    The drivers side wheel also makes a metallic gearbox box when moved, however the passenger side seems excessive.

    If anyone can help I would be really grateful!!
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  2. XFi

    XFi In need of a V8.

    it sounds to me that a bearing in your driveshaft could have gone. It doesn't happen when cold but when it heats up it's causing the vibration. A knackered wheel bearing won't normally give vibration if it has no side to side / top to bottom play. It will drone quiet badly.

    I personally think your drive shaft needs looking at though!
  3. Blacky165

    Blacky165 Member


    I think I agree with you to be honest. The car feels like it wants to snake down the road as opposed to going straight. It also only happens under load. I'll order a new driveshaft I think! Thanks for your help mate!!

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