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  1. kenny_boon

    kenny_boon Active Member

    Hi all,

    my car has just been in audi for 2 new headlights due to condensation. another few faults inc temp sender, rattles and creaking were looked at.

    the most worrying one was vibration thru the car when using the clutch. i drive the car every day so i noticed it easily. sadly audi cant find it so i will need to take a technician out in it and show him the problem.

    basically its when the clutch is engaging, u can notice it in 1st-2nd and 2nd to third more.
    but i tried something to see what it was like, care was moving, maybe 4mph and pulled away using 2nd with the revs at a constant 1500rpm the car began to move off but as the clutch engaged a vibration/judder occured. it wasnt going to stall, revs maintained at the 1500rpm. its enough to make interior rattle so its easily felt doing it that way.( i dont normaly do it during driving but tried it as it usually makes it easier to feel if there is any probs)

    anyone any ideas?

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