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Vibration / wobbling....

StarterMan Feb 25, 2008

  1. StarterMan

    StarterMan New Member


    Need advice from fellow A8 drivers/mechanics regarding a vibration through the driver seat. Ooh err misses :eyebrows:

    I bought an A8 4.2 Quattro Sport (40 valve) on a 'W' plate a few weeks back and I'm chuffed with it - FSH, MOT & HPI check all fine.

    Basically, I hit a pot hole (OSF) a couple of weeks ago which caused me to initially go into the local ATS who replaced two rears, rebalance all round, full geometry check etc. All the tyres are Dunlop 9000's, which I believe the vehicle is fitted with from new. 6mm on the rears (new) and around 4 - 5mm on the fronts. I continued to get vibration through the seat, so took it back into ATS on another two occasions, rebalance etc. - still getting vibration. Had wheels refurbished as rims where slightly damaged and a little corrosion. They were rebalanced again then it felt fine for a day. Next day went to work and the vibrations returned. The car drove smoothly and there was no vibration until I hit the pot hole.

    I've also taken it into local Audi dealership to get them to check things over and they've said they can't find anything wrong. Although they also said the FOS wheel isn't buckled when I know it is, although it's slight. This was a wasted £120 for an hours labour for them to tell me nothing wrong!

    As I've had rebalance done repeatedly I'm beginning to wonder if the vibration is something to do with transmission or even engine.

    Any ideas???:think:

    Thanks in advance.

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