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DW Nov 29, 2009

  1. DW

    DW New Member

    Had a new diff a short while ago due to noise and vibration.
    I think that the failure was caused by something else, like the prop CV joint, however the garage have stated that there is no sign of the diff trying to lift due to this.
    I'm sure I can here a sort of whirring noise as if from a CV joint, and at 52 mph there is a vibration, then a viration at 65mph, and then again at 81 mph.
    The car went back to the garage and I was told that I had 3 buckled wheels.
    I immediately had the wheels checked, and found the front nearside had a small ding on the inner edge, however the tyre company didn't think this was a problem, and it was out of ballance by 5 grammes...I did a Precautionary change for the spare, but with no difference to the vibration.
    All wheels were ballanced a week earlier, and are new tyres.
    I have some Mercedes/Mclaren style wheels which I occasionaly run on the car when the front pads are worn down by 10mm
    (They dont fit on the front with new pads)
    As I had just fitted new pads, I bought some 15mm hub centric spacers the other week to see if there was a problem with the original wheels by replacing them with the Mclaren style ones on the front.
    The vibration was worse than ever, I only drove quater of a mile to know there was still a problem, but enhanced 10 times.. The driveshafts were examined last week, and apparently all feel good.
    I have had the car for over 5 years, and it was about 2 years ago that it developed a noise when moving off. It sounds like a creak/groan from a tired bush or the centre bearing on the prop, but then again it could be the front end. ...No garage can find it, but I dont want this to be the downfall of the latest diff....Any ideas anyone, And Thankyou if you managed to read all this...

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