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Veyron VNS-A3 aftermarket head units

T3KT0N1K Aug 1, 2013

  1. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    Hi all. I found this on eBay and am curious to know if anyone has one. My stock RNS-E Mk1 and iPod dock are kinda crappy really, so I'm considering upgrading to either RNS-Mk2 and the Audi Music Interface (AMI) or third party head unit, some time in the distant future.

    Being a tech geek I'm very cautious about unknown/lesser known brands and, to be honest, I'd really rather keep to OEM parts on the interior of my S3 (8P2), so this Veyron jobbie has to be superior to the RNS-E Mk2 and AMI combo, in every aspect, for me to consider it. Good value though if it is.
  2. nickmc

    nickmc Member

    this looks impressive! i would also be interested to hear from anyone that has one.
  3. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    That's what I thought. It appears to have all the bells and whistles. This video looks like an equivilent model (which you can also find on eBay from the same supplier. It looks very impressive (even if it is Android based).
  4. Sidhu88

    Sidhu88 Active Member

    I wouldn't bother. Having installed a few similar units and seen a similar one of these in an a3, they are ****! Its got everything built in yeah, but its all mediocre software at best. The mapping system is terrible, u could run another but its still bad. The fitment, althought to a3 size isn't perfect either. Bluetooth is fairly basic, the screens aren't very good either. thats the only way i can put it, its just mediocre throughout at best
  5. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    Yea, I figured that was probably the case. Real shame though. Could've been brilliant.
    Thanks for letting us know though Sidhu.
  6. Jack_tdi

    Jack_tdi Member

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  7. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    As above, there's allot of these clone type units about & tbh also as above, they all advertise as singing dancing etc but they always fail on the software side.

    I know I say this allot, but the rns-e, audi bt & ami etc is seamless & works everytime, these clone units swamping us these days are not as reliable, albeit advertised with more modern features, but that's all very well, but when they don't work, which would you prefer, a lesser technology system that works bottom line or a newer supposedly better technology that falls over daily.

    T3K, we can supply/fit the oem kit in Southampton if interested :)

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