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very very strange issue

David280585 Mar 14, 2013

  1. David280585

    David280585 Member

    hi i have bought a 2001 51 1.9tdi pd passat 101hp model

    symptoms are,
    will not start from cold or hot, but if you drain the complete diesel system it will run off the key perfect,
    then drive it 200 yds, come back,
    turn it off and just spins and spins trying to fire
    if you bump start it it will run perfect till you turn it off even though it will not fire off the starter

    spinning over at 260rpm on cranking

    parts we have replaced,

    cam,crank sensor

    redone the fuel lines in the bay,

    checked for fuel leakage at the rear

    checked the intank pump is working while cranking

    coolant temp sensor

    new battery

    new fuel filter

    checked the injector loom for damage

    code read ecu shows nothing

    cleaned egr and checked its shut

    checked engine timing and fitted new belt kit

    we have had it to the local surestart diesel specialists who do not know whats wrong,
    i am not sure they have checked injector rate at cranking

    any ideas what to try next?
  2. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Have you checked the injector pump timing?

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