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Very Noisy Exhaust/Engine

nlldavies Dec 21, 2004

  1. nlldavies

    nlldavies Member

    Newbie to the forum and

    I've recently purchased a 2002 A4 Avant 1.9 TDi 100 SE. Although I'm enjoying the car thoroughly I do have a couple of issues with it:

    1) - When acccelerating hard I think there is more exhaust noise and vibration then there should be. Are these cars supposed to be more noisy then standard?

    2) - I bought the car for fuel economy as I do more than 1000 miles per week. I've now got an oppourtunity to live closer to work and would like to get a bit more power out of the car as fuel will no longer be much of an issue. How well do these cars take chipping/engine management upgrades? The reason I ask is my previous car (Peugeot 307 110bhp) had a chip installed and the car more or less fell to pieces mechanically.

    I'm also looking at upgarding the equipment in the car such as adding cruise control as supplied by AMD, has anyone done this? does it function as if fitted by manufacturer?

    Any thoughts appreciated. Excellent forum.

  2. ROMAN

    ROMAN New Member

    Hi Nigel. I just picked up an A4 AVANT after trading in my 2002 CVT. The wagon is defintely a little louder. Also my Jetta TDI is significantly louder than my 1.8t. Combine the two and it could be a little loud.


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