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Very loud Door Hinge (Arrester)

Discussion in 'A2 forum' started by *Unkle*, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. *Unkle*

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    [Sep 13, 2008]
    If you door sounds very loud and noisy when opening or closing it may be the arrester broken. So common on A2's that Audi carry them in stock (at local Dealer) due to the frequency of the problem.

    Your door will sound like it has a very dry hinge and will grind and pop as you open it or close it. However a dry hinge developes over time while this will simply occur one day without notice .

    This may be the issue.

    The part is £15.00 from Audi and the open difficult part is the removal of the pin which takes about 5 mins with a few taps from a hammer

    The instructions and pictures should cover it all...:thumbsup:


    As you can see the rivets have broken

    On a side note. I bought 2 Michelin Exalto PE2 tyres not the cheapest in the world £130 each, but with a different compound to standard tyres they are good for 40,000 miles (apparently). The rim protector is massive, just wish i had these on from new to protect my rims. The toyo rim protector was really only a token effort as not enough for me to prevent a few rim grinds.


    Cheers Unkle
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