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Vehicle options / Vehicle options coding

A4 2.0T Sep 14, 2006

  1. A4 2.0T

    A4 2.0T New Member

    Newbie question here...
    As stated in my "Welcome" post regarding my desire to purchase a new '06 or '07 A4 2.0T Quattro, I cannot discount the possibility of a very new used vehicle of the same.
    With a new vehicle, I can walk up to the window sticker and decipher what options, colors, etc. each vehicle may have, but comparatively cannot with a used vehicle.
    Is there a place on the vehicle and is there some reference material that one can have so that I could walk up to a used vehicle and verify what specific options a vehicle has?...i.e. does the vehicle actually have factory sport suspension or did someone just install lowering springs?... should this vehicle have 10 spoke or 18 spoke wheels?...
    Should I trust a car salesmans' integrity and/or their Audi product knowledge?...
    I think you know what I mean...
    I work in an area where there are many high-line dealerships, i.e. BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, M-B. Three of these four dealers have very new A4s on their used car lot.
    Because of my Audi desire, but lack of Audi product knowledge, I would like to have the ability to look over the car by myself and verify that the vehicle has the all the options and the correct ones (options) that the factory installed.
    I simply hear too many horror stories and could use the help..
    Any help, direction, comments or suggestions would be well appreciated.
  2. icenutter

    icenutter Member


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