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chazza55 Mar 13, 2013

  1. chazza55

    chazza55 got an S3 8L: living the dream


    I was planning on getting a genuine VCDS cable after having a bad experience with the cheapy eBay ones.

    In my research i have come across some software called TOAD that claims to be all singing all dancing for all OBDII cars.

    Now as much as I have an interest in scanning my own S3 and my parents have a Skoda and A3, in appeals to be able to scan my girlfriend's Honda and friends' cars if they needed to borrow it.

    Has anyone had any experience with TOAD and how does it stack up against VCDS? TOAD seems to have some offer on at the moment but there website sales technique seems quite pushy.

    I am usually of the opinion that if something is that good, they don't have to employ pushy sales techniques.

    Any views anyone? Link below to toad website:


    Your thoughts are much appreciated.
  2. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Never heard of it ,and dont like the idea that you can "hack your own ECU to optimise your cars performance".
  3. steamship

    steamship Active Member

    It appears to be available on eBay for £30 - and that's a legit version.

    Can't seem to find any other info on it though.
  4. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    It won't reset airbag lights in vag cars. It appears a cheap cable with a bunch of freely available software all in one nice $77 package.

    Get vcds lite if you don't want to spend, then when u realise you need more buy the cable and register
  5. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I have to say the website looks like one those typical wonder book scam type ones, longggggggggg page of all supposedly amazing things about the product with very little info about the company, my advice is, tread carefully.
  6. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Not seen site yet, as I'm at work. But never heard of it.

    Vcds will do obd stuff on every car I've tried. It won't do anything else, coding, airbags, abs etc.
    But if all you want is read and clear eml, with some obd related data lists, it works. This is in my experience, in many different brands.
    Go read Ross Tech site about it. There was also a thread last week in here.

    Obd only covers emissions related stuff, so basically eml light. Other systems are not required to be obd compliant. There's some rule that says emissions data needs to be accessible by people other than dealer. Hence obd / 2 including this. This is why you can buy cheap scan code readers, there not doing all the complex coding and programming required to read other systems.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  7. bearthebruce

    bearthebruce Ross-Tech, LLC


    I took a long look at the TOAD website. What I see is a generic presentation of a generic OBDII tool. As has already been said, if all you need is a tool to deal with emissions related systems on VAG cars, this tool may be one to choose.

    But, understand what VAG does. They follow the letter of the law for OBDII. If it is required under OBDII to be reported, it is there. If it is not required, the manufacture specific items will not appear. VAG keeps them in their own protocol.

    We did publish an tech tip on this subject relating to engine faults. You might want to take a read of it:
    Does a Generic OBDII Tool Show All Codes?

    I would not expect TOAD to connect to ABS, AIRBAGs, Electronic Parking Brakes, Climate control, Nav, or Entertainment systems, etc. These all are diagnostic capable but not under OBDII.

    So, always be sure what it is that you are purchasing.... OBDII is not the end all of repair on a vehicle.

    I might add that other OEs provide far more information under the manufacturer specific OBD codes. So, for those others, maybe TOAD is a great solution. For VAG, I highly doubt it will be adequate for most repairs.
  8. JudderMan

    JudderMan Well-Known Member

    That's an affiliate marketer's sales page. Steer clear. Every sales page you see like that is some kid in his bedroom that gets paid $30 for selling at $77 product. Notice how everything ends in a 7. It's meant to be a psychological value that makes you think it's a good deal (or something like that).

    Similar sales page bull****:

    Use music like a map, not as a ball and chain
    "Cake & Cookie Decorating Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!"
    300 Creative Date Ideas by Michael Webb (Official Site)

    and more on Clickbank.com and every other affiliate site on the planet. I honestly can't believe that people buy from them but as the OP has pointed out it's a cheaper deal than VCDS but this is definitely a "price vs substance" product.

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