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VCDS Question ?

paddy Mar 6, 2010

  1. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Sorry to bore all you happy A3/S3 guys but the 3.2 nightmare goes on.

    As you probably know by now a bunch of us have silly engine misfire problems on the V6. Those of us that brought from Audi are stuck with it, those like Glen who brought from non Audi franchises are being offered replacement cars. anyway, i digress. when i run up the road with blocks on VCDS for misfire i get misfire readings for all cylinders but a lot worse on 1 and 2.. However i get no fault codes !! so how do i progress in finding the problem ? running blocks is not easy on a V6 because the VCDS interface is set up for 4 cylinder cars so you have to run a test for cylinders 1-4 and 5-6 which limits the amount of blocks you can run on any test. The other problem of course is that the problem is intermittent so you can set it all up with your lap top and drive up the road and get no problem. If you do get a problem like i had yesterday its undrivable anyway.....So...is there any way of finding what is wrong via the misfire blocks ??

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