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VCDS For My Remapped S3 - Help pls

zseth Aug 7, 2010

  1. zseth

    zseth Member

    hey guys,

    I have a 2001 AMK S3 which is running on remap (approx 260bhp) - no other mods,

    i would like to do a graph with BHP and Torque as well as check my MAF,

    1) Which meauring blocks do i need to record to then add to a spreadsheet?
    2) Does anyone know the link to the right spreadsheet?
    3) What should the figures show of the MAF considering remap?
    4) Roughly what specified boost should be acquired on a run with the remap?

    Thank you for the info :yes:
  2. aham_uk

    aham_uk Member

    There is loads of people who say the dyno on the VCDS software is rubbish when your tricking the ECU but the MAF and turbo graphs will be as acurate as normal.
    All the spreadsheets are on rosstech. If you struggle stick the csv file on here.
    Once the logs are complete i should be able to help.

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