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VARIOUS S3/TT/A3 parts, Cylinder heads, ecu's, blocks

beachbuggy Aug 6, 2012

  1. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    ARY Clyinder head. 66,000 miles. Small port. removed to make way for a large port head. No damage £300
    AGU engine block, crank and rods ( will include pistons from APY S3 if required ) Good condition, no scoring on the bores comes with flywheel and clutch. Perfect for a rebuild. £250
    K03s Turbo from the above ARY Audi TT , 66,000 miles, perfect working order. £275
    ARY ecu from above Audi TT, ME7.5 remapped to 220bhp, unknown tuner but goes well hence price £120
    APY ECU Audi S3, 2000. It has an APR remap, and was removed as it has a decoder board installed so it can not be flashed but works perfectly well, no issues. £150
    Audi A3 TQS ecu 06a906032Hn removed from reesy's A3 when he upgraded to a K04. Has a custom map and also switchable map function. £150
    APY full engine loom and knock sensors. perfect for replacement or AGU upgrade.
    AGU inlet Manifold and Throttle body £35
    Audi S3 twin intercoolers and transverse pipe with forge silcone connectors £75
    K03s turbo from AUM vw golf. good working order, no play, no smoke, it does however have very slight wear on the large tips of the compressor, unsure of how this was caused as there is no damage to the compressor housing, non of the blades are bent so guess it may have been run without a filter or something. £150
    Location is surrey, collection prefered on heavy items but can organise courier at cost for smaller items
    Please pm for pictures as there are too many to list.
  2. indica1

    indica1 New Member

    Hi mate,I'm very interested in one of your KO3s turbo's as my KO3 has just packed in on my 2000 S3 (APY engine).Would I be correct in saying that either of these 2 turbo's you have for sale would fit directly to my engine with just a remap to the ecu to fine tune?If so,I'd prefer to purchase the KO3s from the ARY TT if I could?I'm also in the market for a Forge007 or 008 recirc valve and an upgraded t.i.p for the same engine if you have one or could point me in the direction of anyone selling one. You can call or text me on my mobile (or pm me your number) if you want as I don't get great internet access here and I can't send pm's yet. My number is 07738058915.Thanks mate, Ian

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