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Adrian888 May 12, 2014

  1. Adrian888

    Adrian888 New Member

    Ok, I have a few small issues to attend to on my car (2.7TDi manual estate, 2006, 137k miles, FASH), namely:

    1) Front side light bulb needs replacing, is there a 'how to' available?
    2) Whilst doing this what are the latest recommendations for upgrading headlight bulbs? (not interested in HIDS). I have Nightbreakers in my A2.
    3) Brake pad wear indicator came on at the weekend, on a quick visual check there seems to be a reasonable amount of materail left, especially on the fronts which is where I assume the wear sensor is located. what is the minimum allowable pad thickness and assuming the pads will need replacing soon what are the best pads for general use but with occassional towing of a 1.5tonne caravan in mind. I have Mintex on my A2.
    4) Wiper blades are also past their best, any recommendations for replacement?
    5) I have succcessfuly used 2SO as an additive in the past on my A2 and previous Freelander2. I suspect the car will benefit from a combination of Forte Injector cleaner and possibly Turbo cleaner too along with an Italian tune up. Are there any A6 driving 2SO users out there? I only use quality fuels (usually Shell and often Vpower).

    That's it for now!
  2. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    1) This should help VW AUDI Forum - Front Headlight Bulb Changing - Audi A6 C6 How To Videos

    2) Stick with Nightbreakers, no other best halogen bulb out there.

    3) Sensor is on the front but on the inner pad behind the disc.

    4) Bosch Aerotwins imo, from ECP. Cheap as chips when they have a discount code on, which they always normally do.

    5) Can't comment but no harm in trying ;)

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