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Various faults A6 C5 AKE Quattro Sport Trip 2001

Andyb12 Jul 17, 2009

  1. Andyb12

    Andyb12 New Member

    Hello all, I would be greatfull for any feed back on the following problems:
    1. Blebs in paintwork, on all 4 wheel arches, door bottoms and edge insert strip of roof and bottom of boot door window.
    2. On uneven bumpy roads, its all over the place, sometimes the rear end skips out on pot holes. The only thing I found is the front lower track arm bushes have slight movement (same both sides) is this normal.
    3. Drivers door catch switch does not put on the footwell door and int lights.
    4. LCD display is fading.
    5. Camshafts are noisy. Could they fail.
    Car done 178,000 miles full Audi service history
    6. Sometimes the autobox seems a little lazy hanging on to the gears when gently accelarating. Is this common?
  2. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    I have no paintwork problems other than a couple of chips
    The bushes will wear out, this is common to most Audi models, mine were noted as showing wear at the front at the last service (193k). The rear alignment is adjustable on these quattros, unles you and your previous owners have been aware of this it could be well out, mine was when it first got sorted at about 120k. Also when was the last time the shocks were replaced?
    Drivers door and LCD display do not have problem
    Your car is likely to suffer camshaft failure, and all the followers too. Get them checked before something more serious happens. Been there have t shirt. Long life service intervals and low speed running exacerbate the problem
    Mines a manual can't help with the auto

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