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Various Fault Codes

Ozzyb Nov 17, 2009

  1. Ozzyb

    Ozzyb Member

    Hi Guys

    Sorry I have a A3 1.8T!!!!

    Was driving up to my girlfriends on Friday and the temp gauge started to climb so pulled over and put a little water in but didn't need much as didn't appear to be loosing any. Kept pulling over for it to cool down and arrived 3 hours later. Checked in the morning but no loss of coolant. So i have done the following, i replaced the temperature coolant sensor thought it was fine, but no, then replaced the thermostat. Got the car on the open road and stuggled to get it up to 60mph, it seemed as though there was no power. When i checked i got 2 error codes, 17840 and 17525. Both of these seem to point to the secondary air relay or solenoid valve. Has anyone experienced these faults or had any issues with the secondary air flow. Would this be the cause of the lack of power? The temp gauge still climbs up also? i need to get back to London but certainly dont wanna drive it and cause more damage? Any advice just to ease my mind would help. I am getting it to a garage but just want a heads up first before they try to charge me for other things that might not be the problem! Sorry to go on! :think:
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