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Various Audi A3 8P S Line S3 RS3 Parts Suitable for Conversion Bumpers Grill Etc

oneniner Nov 10, 2013

  1. oneniner

    oneniner Member

    Hi All,I have the offer for sale:Some are available immediately, others in around 3 weeks whilst work is carried out on my A31/ Genuine S Line Front Bumper from 2010 Black Edition. Complete with fog light covers in very good condition.Price £100. Available now.2/ Genuine S Line Rear Bumper from 2010 Black Edition with twin exit exhaust diffuser. In good condition.Price £150. Available now.3/ Genuine S Line Roof Spoiler from 2010 Black Edition. In good condition.Price £120. Available now.4/ A pair of fog lightsPrice £30The next items are available in 3-4 weeks or so.4/ Genuine RS3 Front Grille with black surround. Centre currently pasti dipped. in Good condition.Price £3505/ Genuine S3 Front Bumper complete with fog light covers. 3 Months old in good condition. Centre Lower spoiler in gloss black. Price £3006/ A pair of front wings from my 2010 Black Edition. In good condition.Price £2007/ Non genuine RS3 Roof Spoiler again 3 months old. Price £1208/ 4 x 18" Rotor Style Alloy Wheels and Tyres. 5 x 112 Offset 45 in good condition. Minor kerbing on 1 alloy. With Pirelli 225 40 18 Tyres. Front has 6mm Tread. Rear 4.5mmPrice £450Anymore info please email.

    VAG_BADGER Ricers in the rear view!

    Where a you based?

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