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Variable M25 Speed Cameras J10 - J15

sjahS3 Feb 4, 2008

  1. sjahS3

    sjahS3 Member

    Did a quick search and couldn't find it so thought I would share this..

    I have received information from RPU Traffic Management that the company who look after the Variable Speed cameras between Jct 10 - 15 on the M25 on behalf of the Metropolitan police are ACTIVATING the cameras from 15/02/08. The current cameras are analogue and the speed for enforcement is set at 93mph. However the system is changing to Digital and the Commissioner as directed the company to set the cameras at ACPO guidelines, this will be 80mph.

    You have been warned! :busted_cop:

  2. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    They have fitted average speed cameras on the entry road to the M25 from Egham(J13 i think), so its possible they are going to be using them on the motorway too.

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