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value of car

cgranger Jan 15, 2004

  1. cgranger

    cgranger New Member

    Hi Audi people....I am new to the forum and I need help getting a value for my car. Does anyone have any access to CCC reports? My sons car, a 1990 200 quattro 200; 177,000 mi; 4dr, sunroof, leather seating, etc...was recently buried in the flashfloods here and the insurance company is telling us that the fair market value is $3,951.00, using the CCC reports. This is supposed to be how much the car would go for in pristine condition on a dealer's lot....Could anyone tell me if this is a good offer (according to their standard of Pristine condition.....)or where I might get some infor in regard to other Audi's that are this age and meet the standard they have set. And what might be a good offer if not. Cathy
  2. cbass

    cbass Member

    Cathy, If you try www.kelleybluebook.com and www.nada.com and kind of average the two prices that they give you you should be about right on a price. Kelley blue book will be a little high if not right on and Nada will be a little lower.
    Good luck with it

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